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LYNCH & COMPANY Appraisers & Consultants Joins Nationwide Appraisal Network

Monday, March 01, 2004
For Immediate Release

Salt Lake City, Utah - Lynch & Company, Real Estate Consultants and Appraisers of Cleveland, Ohio announced today that they have joined the Mercury Network, an on-line commerce platform geared toward enhancing relationships between real estate appraisers and their customers. Participation in this ground-breaking new service is expected to generate additional business for the firm, as well as reducing current costs.

''We expect to a significant rise in the number of appraisal orders we take on-line,'' said company owner John J. Lynch, ''and the tracking services will greatly reduce the amount of time we spend fielding calls from customers regarding status.'' The Mercury Network consists of true desktop software components and lender-centric server software tied together by a la mode's net.X backbone. Together, these technologies will allow Lynch & Company to accept orders over the internet, post updates on current status and deliver final reports that conform to lender specifications.

Participating in the Mercury Network will provide additional benefits to Lynch & Company's customers. Custom software ''plugins'' for Mercury desktop products allow Mercury Network Members in the lender community to leverage a la mode's superior coverage, technology, and reputation with appraisers to enhance trading partner relationships across the board.

Lynch & Company is a full service Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting firm specializing in valuation of commercial and residential properties. The company services all of Northeast Ohio and is a recognized leader in residential and commercial property valuation in the area. Lynch & Company combines a focus on customer service with the utilization of technology to provide clients with the highest quality and fastest delivery times in the market.